The Using of the Fork

Tonight I cried during dinner.

Usually I cry because Z is doing something only a two year old would think to do, or W is crying uncontrollably while I'm elbow deep in raw chicken. You know. The usual.

But tonight was different. Tonight I cried because Z, my two year old, sat at the table using a big boy this:

A big person fork. Just like his mom and dad. And you know what he was eating with this fork? Fish and broccoli. Not fishsticks- real fish that I had broiled with dijion mustard brushed all over it. Granted he got a huge blob of ketchup to dip it in but still....

So I sat there crying (not sobbing, just all teary and blubbery) and Z leans across the table and grabs my hand and asks, "Mommy, you happy?".
"I'm super happy," I told him. "I'm just so proud of you for using a big boy fork and eating all your delicious food."
"You crying and you happy?" I guess that's a pretty hard concept for a 2 year old to wrap his head around.

I can't believe how big Z has gotten. He went from a little baby just like my W- someone who needed me for everything and relied on me for his complete existance. Now he's sitting there, eating cod and broccoli, using a big boy fork, and consoling his crying mother.

Where, where has the time gone?

Best part of the day? Today was just W & I, all day long. I got to watch him play and chat and smile and eat...and I got to cuddle that beautiful boy all day. It was a nice treat:)

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  1. Ruth (aka "Grandma")September 15, 2011 at 9:43 PM sweet!
    Cherish these times....


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