Soccer Mom

Well, thanks to my friend Barb I have come to the realization that I am every stay-at-home mom stereotype out there.

I wear yoga pants more then anything else.
I line up for spots in programs like toddler story time and swimming.
I watch the Y & R religiously (ok, as much as I can and then I BBM my dad to fill me in on what I've
I eat more grilled cheese, cheese strings, chicken nuggets, and yogurt tubes then I care to tell you.
I can name everyone on Handy Manny, Dora, Diego, recite most popular kids books by heart, and tell you what the best brand names in toys are and what to not waste your money on.
I spend more time at the park and indoor playgrounds then I do at the salon or spa.
I have ONE pair of high heels and a gazillion pairs of flats.

AND... I am a soccer mom.

Z has been in soccer for about 6 weeks. It's the most entertaining, fun time you could ever imagine. Every Saturday I load up on snacks, water (spiked with a bit of apple juice), and our folding chairs and off we head to soccer. Here's a taste of what we watch every week:

Pretty much the entire 45 minutes is spent with parents running, yelling, attempting to get their kids to listen and follow instructions.
Z is hilarious to watch. He's in it only for the fun and the moment he's bored, we lose him, just like every other kid. Last week three kids had to be dragged off the field by their parents, kicking and screaming. Another kid spent the whole time picking grass. Some other kid ate a snack and chatted with his Grandma who had driven to watch him play. Z stayed on the field almost the whole time. Phew. I've got more video that I'll have to upload when I get a chance.

But yes, as I am about to be IN MY THIRTIES (ICKKKKKKK!), I have realized that I am absolutely a soccer mom (minus the van...but I wouldn't put it past us!)...and I'm kinda ok with it all.

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