New Things to Worry About....

Z has really long naps suddenly. At least an hour each. Usually even longer.
Two long naps.

I don't know how to deal with it. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing?
I get all my cleaning done for the day, I even do extra sometimes. I shower, wear makeup, even do my hair.

He has never been a "napper". He doesn't like to sleep. Now he climbs the stairs for me if I say, "Do you want to have a bottle and a nap?". Climbs the stairs!!! As if to say- yes mommy!

So, now I'm worried. When did my NO SLEEP! become SLEEP PLEASE! ? Why do I check on him about a gazillion times during those naps because it's so weird? Why do I worry that he's not ok??

I need a life I think. As if sleep is a problem. Only in Sarah's world:)


  1. Don't worry. Well..I'm not a But it is hysterical how we worry about how to get babies to nap and then we worry about long naps. Been there...really. :) Here's to many many more long healthy naps!

  2. I know what that feels like. But sometimes they sleep alot when they are going threw a growth spurt. It takes a lot to grow up.. LOL but I know my first thought would be is the baby sick (guess what it is the opposite, they don't sleep) Crawling machine is fussy and has a ear infection, so yea no sleep here for anyone.....

  3. It's true....moms worry about no sleep, then too much sleep, then not eating enough, then eating too much, then is he getting a tooth, then why no never ends :-)

  4. The matrix is always changing. I always say that our daughter is growing when she goes through sleepy phases. I really think that's true, growth spurts make them extra tired. Then one day they don't need so much sleep anymore and that long nap disappears.

  5. I say...soak it up! Enjoy it!! ;)


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