Bootcamp Kicked Butt- Week 1

I have complained about my mommy body on here a lot.  Or at least I have complained about it to a lot of people I know.  I was no fashion model before baby, but I looked good.  I didn't think so then, but when I look back at pictures I can see that I LOOKED GOOOOOOOOD!  Wish I could tell myself that:)

Since having Zach, I have been so busy that I just CANNOT will not find time to exercise.  I could if I wanted to .  I could eat better if I wanted to.  I just don't.  So I finally decided to do something about it.  I joined Bodysculpt Bootcamp.

I was so nervous before my first class.  I had threatened hubby to within an inch of his life if he didn't come home early from work so that I could make it.  He got the message and got home nice and early so I could change, gather my stuff, and get out of the house before Zach had his last bottle (he's easily distracted if someone else is there).

Putting on my pre-pregnacy yoga pants/top was a joy in and of itself.  They don't look quite as good as they used to:) Go figure.  But I did it- and arrived a my bootcamp with butterflies in my tummy and really heavy weights in my backpack.  But am I ever glad I went.

This was such a good class- one of the best I have ever been to, and I've been to quite a few in my day.  I was expecting screaming, DROP AND GIVE ME 20 MORE, humiliation, tears...maybe vomit?  Instead, the instructor was AMAZING.  She kept us moving the whole time but was adamant that we do as much as we can at the pace we could.  She walked around checking for form, gave us tips on how to make an exercise more effective....especially DIPS! I still feel them today.  But best of all, I didn't feel out of place.  Which is what I was afraid of.

But I don't want to give the wrong impression- she kicked my flabby butt!  I was a sweaty mess by the end of the class but instead of feeling sick and fat, I felt really motivated and energized.  I loved the squats, lunges, dips, curls, pushups...I loved it all.   Finally I was doing something that would really benefit me, and I think Zach, in the long run.  I found myself excited for the next class and wishing I didn't have to wait another week:)

I'm sore though.  OUCH! That's what I get for not working out since the day I found out I was preggo.  But, in all seriousness, I think I've found my new passion- bootcamp.  This particular class is phenominal and, from what the other girls told me, no two classes are ever the I can't WAIT to see what she has in store for me next week.  This flabby butt will definitely need another kick by then:)

If you live in the area and have the desire to work out but need that motivation, you need to check out Bodysculpt Bootcamp.


  1. Welcome to Bodysculpt Bootcamp, Sarah! We so look forward to seeing where this journay takes you!

  2. I need this!!! How did it feel to work out again?

  3. hahaha, postbaby body in yoga pants. Relatable. Where did this tummy come from? I had the baby months ago! This is why I don't like chairs.

  4. HAHA! I know- I see myself in pictures and go...really???


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