Monday Confessions

I've got some things I'd like to get off my chest…and (if you blog) I'd like you to join in.

Let's face it- confession is good for the soul!

1. I fed my kids Scooby Doo noodles, Kraft Dinner, and pizza all weekend
I have a cold and I'm feeling sorry for myself so I let my kids choose their menu for the weekend. Wrong choice. Canned and boxed noodles, waffles, and frozen pizza it was. I didn't even push veggies on them. In fact, I felt so crappy on Saturday morning that I allowed the 2 year old to have two slices of slightly warmed leftover pizza for breakfast. Oh, and I also bought white bread (I NEVER BUY WHITE BREAD) - the entire loaf was gone in 1.5 days. 
But on Sunday morning they both asked for homemade fruit salad- don't know if I should be embarrassed that I didn't offer that or proud that they asked for it.

2. I let my 4 year old watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians with me
Ok, I'm more ashamed of this than the waffles and frozen pizza consumed this weekend. And, in the interest of total openness, I totally didn't realize he was watching. Until he asked me why Kortney was worried about Scott going to Las Vegas and why Scott can't have drinks. OhhhhhhKaaay. I gave an (honest) explanation to my son but I didn't turn it off- my two year old eventually joined us and annoyed his brother enough to ensure they weren't listening to any of the Kardashian konversation (hangs head in shame).

3. I am obsessed with this song
#earworm. Sorry.

4. I'm also so excited for the start of baseball!!!!
I love baseball so much- winning or losing. I'm also really excited for my 4 year old (who is getting pretty close to turning 5!) to play t-ball this summer. While other parents in Canada are hoping their kids will become NHL stars I'm praying that both my boys fall in love with baseball.

5. I'm failing the 2 year old
Oh man. The 2 year old (who is creeping closer to 3!) has become more obsessed with drinking a bottle more than I care to admit. We only allow it at night or nap time, but he just will not give it up. And the fact is, I need him to sleep because I work a lot and I need that time. It's selfish, I know, but appeasing him is currently easier than refusing him that bottle.
He also refuses to potty train. I firmly believe that we should allow children to meet milestones when they are ready but (in true confession fashion- here's the truth) I'M READY! I am so ready to be done with diapers and wipes. I want the freedom of going potty- is that too much to ask?

6. I'm (very vainly) obsessed with my headshots
You can read all about them (and see them firsthand) right here!

Feel like you have something to get off your chest?
Write your own "Monday Confessions" post and link up below! Or just leave me a comment and let me know what a fool I really am:)

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  1. My kids have totally watched KUWTK. Pro tip: The more you let them watch, the less interested they become. :P


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