So, 2010! I hardly noticed that you arrived. Baby Z has been an awful sleeper recently. Sleeping If For Losers, right?? Rings true in our house now-a-days!

Thankfully, his napping has gotten a little more consistent. There is one good nap a day (about an hour...yes, that is a Christmas miracle in my household), so I can at least get some things reading:) Yes, two books down since the husband has been home.

I finally got around to finishing "My Sister's Keeper". I'd tried to read it while pregnant and so could not get through it. So COULD NOT keep my mind from wandering and wondering if my baby might get sick, etc... This time, however, I could not put it down. It is one of the most captivating books I've read in ages. In fact, it's on my top 10 books of all time. And, although I wouldn't recommend anyone read it while preggers or thinking about getting pregnant, I think it is a tear-jerker, make you think, must read, of a book.

Secondly, I read a lovely little fluff piece called "Twenties Girl". From the author of the Shopaholic series, "Twenties Girl" follows the same essential pattern as most of her books- hapless girl in a dead-end job, little money, dumped by boyfriend. What will she do? Meet a grumpy, seemingly unfriendly man, stumble upon a random perfect job which she is completely unqualified for, fall madly in love with seemingly unfriendly (yet handsome) man, and everything ends up ok. Simple! But I adore these books and "Twenties Girl" delivers. I managed to finish it in less then a day (staying up till midnight to finish, of course). Not on my top 10 list, but if you are looking for an easy, fluffy read then "Twenties Girl" is your book.

But, I digress. On to the real reason for my post...resolutions. I'm totally not a fan of resolutions because I don't keep them and then beat myself up because of it. This year, however, I feel like I am ready to make a few resolutions and hold myself accountable to them. So, in no particular order:

1. Lose the last 10 "baby-weight" pounds. (OK, truthfully I think could stand to lose 15 pounds, but I'm going to start with 10 pounds which will bring me back to my pre-pregnancy weight). I have decided to use at least 3 of Z's naps to exercise...which brings me to my next resolution...

2. I will not feel guilty about using Z's naps as a "break". With the awful night sleeps Z has been having, I need to have some sort of "break" during the day for "me" time. I have always felt guilty about using that time for me, but I'm vowing not to.

3. Read more. It's the number one thing I love to do, so I'm going to do it!

4. Write more. I have been asked by a few publications to write freelance articles for them and I think I need to ride this wave and try to write as much as I can before I go back to work. I'm not a journalist, but I love to write and need to put myself out there and search out some writing jobs. I can't expect them all to come to me, right?

5. Eat at least one meal with Z. He needs to see how real human's eat (ie: at the table, with utensils, not smearing it in their hair, on their face, blowing raspberries with major mouthfuls of sweet potatos). So, even though it will only be me and him, I'm commited to showing him how to eat properly.

6. Not stress...hahahhahaha. I'll try.

7. Prepare myself for back-to-work: mentally and emotionally. Because I'm already teary-eyed about it. And it's about 3 1/2 months away.

8. Prepare myself for turning 30: mentally and emotionally. Because I'm already teary-eyed about it. And it's 8 months away.

So there they are...and I hope to keep at least a few of them! Anyone care to keep me accountable??


  1. Ruth (aka "Grandma")January 2, 2010 at 9:22 AM

    I don't like New Year's Resolutions either, but I guess they can keep you on track toward your goals????

    I think you are perfect the way you are!

    Cheers to 2010 & better sleeping habits for Z!!

  2. My friend, 30 is no big deal. If you can get through child birth, no sleep, and all the other "fun" stuff that comes along with being a mom, you'll have no trouble with a minor detail like your 30th :-) Besides, Z will keep you young and on the run!! (Hey, that takes care of 2 of your resolutions!!)

  3. ACK! "Prepare for turning 30". Mine is 8 months away too - let me know what you think of in the way of preparation!


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