One of my favourite designers, Stella McCartney (daughter of Paul), has launched a line of baby/kids clothes at The Gap!!!

I am so utterly happy I could scream.

I live in/around Toronto, so the line is only available at Yorkdale Mall, the Eaton Centre, or Bloor Street (and Bay). If you live in Etobicoke, they have the line at Sherway Gardens.

I could pee my pants I'm so excited. Hopefully there will be something left by the time I drag my little boy to Yorkdale mall...I'm thinking early next week if anyone wants to join me??


  1. i went today to check out the stella mc. line at babygap on bloor! it's adorable. lots of mauve, grey, and great silhouettes. i loved everything! let me know whatyou think when you check it out!

  2. I keep trying to view it online but I can't....

  3. Do you read cookie magazine? they have a spred in there of her collection.

  4. Really? I might go and get it just to see the spread.
    I think I'm going to Yorkdale next Wednesday, so hopefully there is still something there!

  5. Her clothes were stunning- loved everything about them...but the price. I couldn't justify paying so much for something Zach will only wear for a month or two.


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