What schedule?? Up until 2 weeks ago, my little man was rocking the schedule thing! He woke up at 7am, ate every 4 hours (almost on the dot!), slept every 2 or so hours after waking up. I could plan things, I could attend things, I was very confident in my mommy abilities.

THEN, at 5 1/2 months, he changed. Total turn-around. Started waking up anytime between 7:30am-8:00am...that wasn't a problem. But then he changed when he ate, how much he ate, when he napped, how much he napped...

Now I am scared to make plans! I never know when he's going to want to eat, nap, play, cry. I can have him 100% ready for an outing, only to have him decide to take a 2 hour nap. I can have nothing planned and he naps for 45 minutes the whole day. Hair pulling has ensued! Chris calling is more frequent! Bags under eyes have grown more noticeable! But mostly, I miss all of our activities:( I loved going out and seeing other moms and babies! I loved having adult conversations!! I loved our frequent "play dates" with his best friend Cole! (ok, they don't play together, but it was nice to see another mom so often).

I know babies don't come with an instruction manual and you can't make them stay on a schedule, but wouldn't it be nice?? Oh the joy it would bring...

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  1. ALl babies are so different. ANd just when you think you have them figured out... wham! They pull a switcheroo on you! LOL I eventually learned to just go about my plans regardless of whether the babies ended up napping throught hem int he car seat or if I ended up having to feed them while at the store! LOL Came over from MBC!


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